Welcome to Abe Thinks

This site is still in development. It is a personal site and I work on it on my free time. I plan to add some explanation for who Abe is and why he built this website. I am learning about making websites responsive and once I do; I will make this site responsive so you can see it on your phone or tablet with all of it's colorful glory just as the desktop version. Maybe post a few memes of my cats and chicken. No website is complete without cat memes, that’s for sure!

When will I get around to doing these things? Well, sometime between now and before I die, hopefully. But if you visit often you will see small incremental changes on my site. In the mean time you can read my blog entries where I have led myself to believe I write interesting stuff. That, or you can contact me if you have any questions on anything I've written, concerns with my obsession with chocolate and horchata, issues about Abe like his lack of having a fashionable mustache, or you just need a buddy to talk to or make fun of!